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About Joan Bakewell…
This is a piece I wrote in response to Joan Bakewell’s comments in early March about anorexia and narcissism where I explained some of the real and specific harms that come from the kinds of misinformation about anorexia she espoused. Since she retweeted a link to the piece, I presume she read it, and hopefully it was somewhat instrumental in her eventual U-turn and apology on the topic. (The tweets also made over 22,000 impressions.) My essay was also quoted on the BBC News and The Telegraph websites and led to my appearing on LBC Radio and Channel 4 News.

Why I Do Support Eating Disorder Charity Runs
This is a short-ish piece I wrote in response to an article on the Huffington Post condemning eating disorder charity runs (and exercise in any form). I was very grateful to engage with the author of that article and believe I contributed to her changing her mind on the subject: exercise can be an appropriate form of fundraising/activism, and anorexia cannot comfortably or easily be compared to addiction.




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